How to Not Die: Richard’s Desert Survival Tips

There are so many remarkable people at my work, and little do they know, they are a key support team to our (Mongolia) trip. I walk around the hallways and I find a former ski patrol rescuer, (sits across from me) several former adventure athletes, and Richard, who works in our Learning & Development team, and comes from a life as a guide and an adventurer… no, way!

We were lucky to pick Richard’s brain for 30 minutes today, which forms our first report in the How to Not Die series. He has some fascinating tips on desert survival that I was happy to acquire today, and I think the entire world of crazies like us should know.

1: 2% dehydration = 10% energy loss. 

So, that explains why heat exhaustion makes you end up horizontal in a medical tent. Right!

2: You will get less dehydrated by breathing with your mouth shut, breathing in and out through your nose.

Laurel and I are worried about this trick, as anyone will know, we simply talk lots. I think our mouths are constantly gaping open! Is this why Richard works at a yoga company? To get better at this technique?

3: Don’t go for the bivvy sack when there are scorpions around.

Good to know!

4: Thirst is not a good signal for dehydration when you’re in a new environment.

Neither is how often you need to pee. Instead, the best way is to learn each others’ signs of initial heat death– headaches, nausea, etc…  Knowing those signs is the best way to tell.

5: Don’t reinvent the wheel.

There are lots more crazies on this planet who have probably already done what you’re considering, no matter how stupid/death-provoking. Watch others’ experiences in those same environments… Youtube it!

And that’s all for this week!

Stay classy and just a bit unsafe ~

One thought on “How to Not Die: Richard’s Desert Survival Tips

  1. New advice from Richard:
    Bring an extra button when spending time in the desert.

    for what?
    putting in your mouth

    the button will stimulate saliva production and will take your mind off being hot and thirsty when your water supply is low.


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