FEAT Canada 2014 Adventure Talks: Our Videos Online

As you can tell, I’ve had a few beer this week, so I’m updating my blog. That’s right, two postings, back to back!

Now, time to share something that was super exciting in winter, which I totally forgot to share way back when. I was really lucky to participate as a speaker in FEAT Canada 2014, which is a TED talks style event with an active adventurer spin, produced by Squamish entrepreneur/adventurer Sean Verret. Speaking at FEAT was a goal that made me super excited, and scared to the point of increased nail-biting. For one, the format is daunting. Each speaker is challenged to tell a story in 7 minutes, through exactly 21 slides of images, with 20 seconds each. No more, or less, so no room for bullshitting. Add to that, I was presenting beside some of my adventure idols, including being introduced by the legendary Kevin Vallely. Eeeee! I was buzzing without caffeine that afternoon.

But! I was the luckiest person to have an entourage of 30 friends and family in the audience to support me, so I felt like I was just talking to my peoples. When half the theatre vacated with me to the pub after the talk, it was so clear: I am totally spoiled by the amazing people I get to have around me! You guys, my friends and family, inspired the talk and the entire lifestyle I lead. (And these same people, I have to thank for taking me out all night and getting me drinking quite proficiently after the talk, before my 50k race the next morning. Thanks for that!)

If you missed FEAT this year, here is the full evening line-up of all the amazing, wonderful speakers that night! And if you want comedy, here’s my talk, which I can never watch myself!

Go do something that makes you scared!

alicia speaking at feat

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