New Race Food: Chinese Bakery Items

So, I’m running my first hundo in August, and I have no clue what I will be trying to eat while I run.

For everything up to 100K, my strategy has evolved to the beautiful act of downing as many gels as I can while I run. Surprisingly, I tend to like it: being sticky in gu reminds me of being a child, and brings back nostalgic memories of playing on the floor, and getting all sticky. Also, eating is mechanically easily, so I can focus on how fun the trail is, and not how difficult it is to consume the calories I desperately need. (I’ve tried to copy Angel’s classy style, and eat an artisan West Seattle Bakery Nouveau chocolate croissant during running. But sadly, that just doesn’t go down easily for me.)

But 100 miles?! Can I actually eat all the calories I need for that, just from gels?! I’m leaning towards doubting that. I ate something like 25 gels in Gorge Falls 100k, and that was only 12 hours of moving. I feel like this is something I won’t get right on my first kick at the can. But at the same time, there’s not too much room for error in a 100, from what I can tell. Inefficient eating could kill me and my tutu!

So. I get random ideas. What could go down easily, would be fun to eat, high in calories, and not high in fiber? And the idea comes to me, during my walking lunch break to the amazing T&T Supermarket!

What about Chinese bakery items?

mmmm! what is that?!

mmmm! what is that?!

Look through the bakery glass in that photo, and tell me you’re not curious about how those items might help you rock your next 100 miler?! You’ve got sticky rice creations with red bean, Chinese deep fried donut, bbq pork & pineapple bun… and it’s all starchy, simple carbs, so maybe could be good fuel?!

Has anyone ever experimented with Chinese bakery items in a long ultra before? I’d love to hear about your experiences! And if not, I will give it a whirl, and report back after my next Chinese bakery fuelled adventure!

Peace out. Time for Hot Zumba cross-training!

One thought on “New Race Food: Chinese Bakery Items

  1. I’ve eaten those bbq bun things, and they went down pretty well. My strategy was to alternate real food and gels – ate about 150 calories of each/hour for a total of about 300 – worked great. It’s my hypothesis is that real food (i.e. small amounts of fat and protein along w/the carbs) keeps your stomach from getting too acidic, and also keeps blood flowing to your stomach so it doesn’t shut down due to shunting to the muscles. I can’t tolerate as rich of foods as Angel, but loved small turkey/avocado rolls and nutella rolls (less so – not a huge nut butter fan for fuelling b/c the fat content seems to send me into a bonk immediately b/c it’s hard to digest). Also, the thing that tasted the absolute best every time was peaches! juicy, juicy peaches!

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