One Year Ago: Drinking Horse Milk in Mongolia

On this same day last year, I was almost missing my flight on our way to run and galavant across Mongolia, with my crazy pals Tara and Laurel.

alicia in mongolia

Adventuring with your most inspiring allies in a totally weird, awesome place is the best way to stay creatively inspired, reflect on what we’re doing here with our lives, and maybe even realize what horse milk tastes like. While I sipped horse milk from a young family in Mongolia last summer, I came to terms with the compromises that a nomadic life would really entail, and suddenly appreciated what I had back home– a relatively easy office life, tons of vegetables, travel with friends whenever I wanted– a kind of freedom which I did not realize, until transplanted.

tara and laurel in mongolia
This weekend is summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Why not get out for an adventure you’ll remember , even in your own backyard?


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