Adult Disneyland: the Wonderland Trail

Here are some of my favourite scenes from my weekend exploring the Wonderland trail around Mt. Rainier. Totally runnable, incredibly well marked and with tons of water along the way, it’s runner’s paradise. You. Must. Go!!!

4 thoughts on “Adult Disneyland: the Wonderland Trail

  1. I have always wanted to run the Wonderland trail. As a pre-teen, we camped in a trailer at one of the trail heads and I remember seeing backpackers heading out onto the trail. That image has been with me for a long time. Beautiful pics.

    • That’s such a cool memory! Where abouts in the world do you live? I’m planning a trip back there to run the entire ~95 miles end of september! tempting?!

      • That is a tempting offer. Are you still looking at a 3-4 day effort? I live in Courtenay on Vancouver Island.
        I have an epic race in mid-September so I sadly doubt that I’d be able to swing more time off work so soon after.

  2. Courtenay, awesome!! My friend Dan is staying there and guides kayaks!

    the plan would be to give’r in 1 day! Under 24 hours! 😀 That’s my dream 😀 You could join for any part/s!

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