Meet the most fun run of your life: Post Canyon 50k

I wanted to share a really cool ultra running, laughter, and sparkle party event my friend Heather is putting on next summer. She’s modest so I didn’t think she would sufficiently describe the awesome spirit of the event herself. So, we had a little interview about it!
Heather, the dreamer and master of the event, is on the right.

Heather, the dreamer and master of the event, is on the right.

We spoke briefly about your new race, the Post Canyon 50k, and there is so much cool shit going on with this run that I feel like I need to capture your brain on paper.
What is the main goal of having this event?
A party in the woods with magnificent humans, looking to smile through a bit of suffer! 
What was your inspiration for the run?
I’ve wanted to put on my own race, since high school, when I was working at a race full time as my summer job, back east. It has been itching my brain to the point of finally executing.  What finally lit the fire, is experiencing getting knocked on my butt in life. I had been looking into it as a side note for quite a while, which heavily involves getting approval from the land the course runs on. I love my local trails and want to create some major fun within the local trail community and beyond. I want to bring my trail buddies to my backyard and play for awhile and make it a annual event!
Tell me about Hood River! Why do you love it?
Oh man, what isn’t cool about Hood River? There’s a reason I quit my corporate job, sold my house and moved here. It just permeates PLAY! The backdrop of mountains and the Columbia River are constantly calling my name. And the more I’m here, the more and more I love the community I live in. We have a rad bunch of people in this little adrenaline junkie town. Whenever I’m away on adventure, I always look forward to landing back in Hood River, OR! And of course, the trails are all around ridiculous amounts of GLORY! The views, the foot twirls and dancing, streams and such. They will suck you in for more!
When I think of you, I think whimsical, fun, with a heavy dose of (the good kind) of crazy. What kind of whimsical fun will go down at this race? I heard something about a jello hydration shots, and fiddlers?
Well, my mantra to all of the volunteers, will be to think like a mullet. BE THE MULLET! If racers come through and they’re wearing the business side of the mullet, get them what they need straight away, so they can be keep on their game face. If folks come through in party mode, be the party side of the mullet. One of my aid station Captains, Lara actually came up with the idea of (booze-free) hydration Jell-O shots and is actually perfecting them to be delicious! I will be having folks randomly scattered outside of aid stations, possibly at the crest of a hike a hill, where you’re possibly on the verge of wanting to punch your own face…you will stumble upon someone playing the fiddle, or banjo! Or maybe belly dancing or something out of the trail ordinary, I’m aiming at keeping it like you said, THE GOOD KIND OF CRAZY!
You personally have a really generous history of volunteering and trail building and maintaining. how will you use your run to share this love and promote your trail-giving spirit?
One of my main missions when it comes to trail advocacy, is getting folks to be INSPIRED to help. NOT because they have to, but because they want to! Chipmunks and squirrels do not build and maintain trails. There is actually, depending on land ownership of course, a multi-layer, magnitude of effort/process put forth, regarding the trails we play on. My main loves locally, that I’m involved with, are Hood River Area Trail Stewards and Hood River County Forestry Department Trail Committee. From events, fundraising efforts, to trail work parties, my goal is to make my love contagious. To have folks want to make a difference and take responsibility and ownership of their local trails and want to help beyond. Believe me, if you haven’t already, you will, once you dive into the trail love mission. And believe it or not, my local HRATS, which is actually an IMBA chapter evolved by mountain bikers, is the group that gets a ginormous amount done. I want to encourage people to seek out their local trail organizations and get involved in a way that makes them stoked at the thought of it!
If you’re interested in the event, check it out here on ultrasignup! The full website will be launched in November, but Heather has told me the climbing won’t be too crazy, just a few thousand feet of vertical. 🙂
You will have this much fun!

You will have this much fun!

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