Photo Journal from 2015 IAU World Trail Running Championships

I wrote a big long race report about my experience in Annecy and the World Trail Running Championships, but I think it would be more fun right now to show some pictures that make me really happy when I look at them. Although it wasn’t my day out there on Saturday (I DNF’d at 70km), my experience at the event was really positive. These photos capture my experience other than the 12 (?) hours out on the course!

Team Canada

Team Canada was a fun team and I enjoyed every moment of our captivity together in the race lodgings. The team really had my back this year, and I’m excited to return the favour to them!

I ❤ Annecy

Annecy blew my mind… it’s beautiful old town, its crystal clear lake, its breathtaking and relentless mountains, and its friendly people…

 Post Race Chilling

It was really easy to relax in Annecy after the race, thanks to team mountain-top sleeping, hilarious gargantuan desserts, and fondue & wine sessions with my sister. Post-race chilling photos courtesy my sister, Melissa!

Thank you to my Bremner’s Team for supporting my journey to get to the event, and for making damn-good berries, juices and wines without compromising on your values.

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