Favourite Fall & Winter PNW Adventures

As I have now become a full-time hermit, I haven’t shared any of the awesome adventures from this fall and winter. Here’s a brief little snapshot of a few favourites… hopefully you go check out these beautiful places!

Mount Hood in September:
(Birthday party with Tara!)

Every person who came together to make the Timberline Trail, is my hero… this amazing trail takes the most beautiful path all the way around Mount Hood! Every step was bliss, ever-changing, I never wanted it to end. And that says a lot, because it was about 40 miles! Another nice thing, is that Timberline Lodge is waiting for you with the most delicious Coke / beer you’ve ever tasted, pretty much in your life… Definitely one of my favourite runs of all time.



mount hood


mount hood


mount hood


mount hood



Mount Saint Helens in October:
(Fun with Tara, Tara and Tory!)

You can run right through the amazing volcanic wonderland! It’s like being on Mars! Probably up there with one of the coolest experiences I can think of doing with a group of awesome people.

Mount SAINT helens
mount saint helens


mount saint helens



Baker Lake Trail in March:
(Julien actually agreed to run the entire 50k with me!)

Every step takes you through beautiful old growth forest, & this amazing rolling grade. If Mount Baker isn’t hiding away, you get glimpses of giant enormous views of the mountain!



baker lake


baker lake


baker lake


… more to come!

Where do you love adventuring?







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